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one foot wrong ☆ MilkyPlanet@lj.com
17th-Mar-2012 07:45 pm - deep
nyelvnyújtogatós TOMA
Bleeehhhh mintha nem is én írtam volna az előzőt. Ki kér meg egy szelet sütit?
nyelvnyújtogatós TOMA
Ohh, well, hello new year.

2011, at the end, you weren't so nice to me, were you? You lost my lenses, only MY lenses ohhh my gosh, it wasn't another country, just another city!, you didn't made the post to pay that me, and didn't give me an amazing new-year-party what I really wanted. Oke, not so wanted, but just for my pride. My happy-new-year sms weren't sent, and it's all your fault! You took me over there, expected to cilmb that mountain and made me lost AGAIN with an annoying i'm-fucking-clever-boy who enjoyed immoderately that I'm not when the weather was dark, cold, wet and snowy. Thanks, again. You made me angry, tired, busy and poor. Where is my money? I have to go cafes,  eat ramen and I have to buy my already-grown-over-me wishlist. You made my soul like a merry-go-round. Gwah, so, why do you want me to love you? Why should I like you?

How small is my tongue and how weird is my face, lol?

So 2012 would you be so nice, and give a lot of power to get my friends back? Will you let me meet Viki? I don't want to take our meetings like a red-letter-day - once or twice in a year. Will you help me to pass the intermediate english exam? It would be a shame, if not And to create an amazing ladylike style? To make my dreamroom?  Ohh, and before I forget, please, send me a boyfriend. 2012, I'm sorry. I want to you a lot.
ohhh... cuting faces isn't my strenght. like a bull XD

Sure, I have no courage to vow anything, but something I have to write down. I'll try to develop my english. I'll try to take myself better and more, and I'll try to do something with this lacks of self-confidence... D:

So, happy new year everyone
22nd-Dec-2011 10:22 am - cake-post
Public entries. Again. Just too lazy to get them public again. So, just from now. LOL.

At first, happy 18 to my big bro <3 And then, happy birthday to my beloved Rú ♥ ^O^

As seems, it'll be a great cake post. I already have one million things what happend, and two billion picture about the cookies, cakes, etc what we baked. My heart a little bit disappointed to know, there's no God for I'd take them here. But! As a X-mas present for Ancsi, Barbi was so cute and helped me to bake a rainbowcake and also 1,5kg all-different-cupcake, orange-cheesecake and creams!

We didn't have a purple, so it was mixed by blue and raspberry-red.

The second cake in my life, you are beautiful! ...but not after one hundred cupcake and cheescake... bloooah (_ _" ) We totally was on a kinda never-more-sweet mode.

Tadaaaa~ we finally end \( n___n )/

See you soon guyz, hope you're fine ♥
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